How To Instantly Look More In Shape

We recently published an episode on our podcast, The Fit, Healthy & Happy Podcast on how to instantly look more in shape. This episode blew up and it helped a lot of people. Here is an easy to read transcription of the episode for everyone to checkout.

How To Instantly Look More In Shape

Josh: (00:00)
Today we're going to be talking about five different ways to instantly look more in shape. No tricks or gimmicks, these tips work.

First and foremost, please buy and wear clothes that properly fit you. I see so many people in the gym that look amazing, and have great physiques and they're sizing up twice. You know, so many do just want to pretend that they're so huge and wear an XL when everyone knows they could be properly wearing a medium. Of course you're gonna feel more comfortable if something's a little more baggy, it has a little more give. I get that, saying so though, if you want to look more in shape, just wear clothes that compliment your body. You can even take it a step further by buying gym clothes that not only make you look good, if not better. I mean, I know even a lot of these gym shark leggings for women that have all these crazy curves and lines to trick the eye into thinking things look better, this and that.

Now, if this doesn't pertain to you and you don't care and you like going in the gym with the oldest biggest tee shirt, just so you can focus and not demand attention, you do you, that's just not for me. For me, when I look good, I feel good. When I feel good, I have great confidence and that transfers over to a killer workout. So that's just one quick little tip.

Kyle: (03:09)
Yeah, I know you've got a couple of clients and similar to me with great physiques and they bundle up for an arm day or something. It made me say, buddy, whip out the tank top and enjoy the pump. And when he did, you could tell he felt more confident. You could tell he was able to lift heavier and felt pride seeing the results he has been working so hard for.

Josh: (03:33)
it's so true and it's a really small thing, but trust me, and it will make a world of difference, especially if you're losing weight. You know, if you've lost weight, size down on that tee-shirt, treat yourself to something new. Sure you might not have lost all the weight you have wanted to yet, but that doesn't mean you can't look and feel good in the time being. What's number two?

Kyle: (03:48)
Number two, is to posture and present yourself as a strong and confident person.

Josh: (03:55)
You know, we all know that people that are just hunched over that look all shrivelled up and small and that's just not a dominant pose. Whereas when you see someone that just walks with so much confidence, you're like, man, this guy or girl is an absolute boss.

So be sure to stand up strong, and walk like you’re worth a million dollars because no matter where you're at in your fitness journey, it will just make such a difference. And if you want some killer abs, make it a habit to suck in your staomch and keep it squeezed 24/7. Muscles contract and a expand, and that's just the way it's gonna work. So if you can just practice engaging them and squeezing them tight, it will become a habit and you’ll instantly look 10lb lighter.

Kyle: (04:48)
Yeah, and to add on, another great way to look strong and confident and stand up tall is to squeeze your glutes. As weird as it sounds, it definitely helps with posture.

Josh: (05:43)

Number three, is get a tan. Now tanning is definitely not the best for long term skin health, but in the short term, a nice tan can absolutely make you look more shredded and ten pounds lighter. The best way to get a tan is to simply spend some time sun bathing. If you’re looking for an alternative that isn’t going to damage your skin, you can always experiment with self tanner creams. This will give you the tanned look without the drawbacks.

So you know, and here's the thing you can do is just spend some time in the sun bearing and that you're not fair skinned. Um, if you are really fair skin and you can get it, uh, you know, even in the winter I would try to afford, it's pretty awesome. You can try a self. Tanner actually works really, really well. You know, it's not gonna mess you up. It can be a little expensive. They would just like a cream. You a rub on yourself and then it just gives you that really nice tan look. And I mean, everyone knows a tan is going to leave you feeling good, sexy, mean lean.

Kyle: (06:52)
Number four is to ensure you’re consuming enough water and carbohydrates.

Josh: (06:55)
So how are water and carbs going to make me look more fit?

Kyle: (06:58)
Well, your body's made out of a lot of water, isn't it?

Josh: (07:01)
I was reading about this recently and a kind of weird but effective analogy is to think of yourself as a grape. You know, a grape that is hydrated and jiucy really looks full and good just like a layer of skin. Being hydrated allows the muscles to saturate and look full, making your muscles look big and juicy. On the other side, if you’re dehydrated your muscles will shrink and look smaller, think of a raisin.

Kyle: (07:59)
A good everyday habit is that as soon as you wake up, chug a glass of water. Another tip is to always carry a big water bottle with you.

Kyle: (10:03)
Number five? Just get a filthy sickening pump. What is the pump? Basically when all the blood is flowing into the muscles and you just look fuller, harder, more vascular, stronger, all that good stuff. How can I do that? I would just basically hit some arms and hit some shoulders. I've got some good hacks, and pushups are always king. Even if you're just at home, get a towel and do some towel bicep curls.

Josh: (10:33)
You get your buddy who tries to do push downs, while you're doing bicep curls. We've done all this stuff. Okay. You can always carry a band if you really want to pump up for the beach.. A couple of dumbbells will work as well. And I always say if you want a really nice looking pump, at least as a guy, you know you want that X factor look, you know, really pump up those shoulders, chest, triceps and biceps in those things alone will really get you looking good cause that's going to widen you all out. You can always pump up those legs, you know, pump up those shoulders, make those weights, look even waist look even smaller. And that's so going to get a great look. Yeah, you're not going to be able to keep this for 10 hours.

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