What Is The Fit, Healthy & Happy Podcast?

The Fit, Healthy and Happy podcast brings you the best fitness education straight from the best fitness coaches and trainers around. Here we will break down and explore popular fitness topics such as weight loss, motivation, muscle increase and habits that lead to long term fitness success. The goal is to provide you with valuable insights that you can implement in your own life and live what you listen. Subscribe today to become your fittest, healthiest & happiest self.

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Host Josh Wilkinson


We are elite online fitness coaches who love helping others and that is what inspired us to create the Fit, Healthy & Happy Podcast. We promote info based on both research and application. We don’t just talk the talk, we have an extensive background in the fitness industry. We have achieved numerous first place finishes in OPA, CPF and RPS powerlifting competitions. Alongside impressive finishes in the men's physique category.

Science based fitness is at the core of everything we do. We are huge advocates for the fight against "broscience" and make sure that all our coaching policies are the most current and effective possible. We constantly make sure that our knowledge is up to date by studying thousands of peer reviewed journals and textbooks. We also make sure to stay connected and study under the industries most renowned fitness experts. 

Furthermore, we have impacted & bettered the training of over ten million people through our youtube videos and social media content. We have an abundance of experience coaching both females and males with a large range of goals.

Rest assured, that when listening to our podcast, you are getting the most up to date and educational fitness advice possible.

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“K.G IN THE HOUSE.” - Host Kyle Grondin