How Much Money Do Famous Youtubers Make? (Christian Guzman, Pewdiepie, Casey Neistat, Roman Atwood)

If I had a dollar for every time someone said they were going to be rich and famous from starting a youtube channel, I'd be bathing in money. Have you ever wondered how much those at the top of their industry actually make from youtube?

Let’s look at some of the stats of the top youtubers in their industry.

Christian Guzman 

Christian Guzman may as well be considered to be at the top of the fitness industry. He has a whopping 550k subscribers and just about everything going well for him at the young age of 23 years old. In his past he’s had a bmw i8 as well as a Lamborghini huracan and now owns a range rover. The stats from social blade tell us that Guzman earns approximately 20.9-334.5kper year just from youtube. Christian Guzman has amazing retention on his videos as he seems to get about 50% of the people subscribed to him, view the video. 

Something we need to consider is that youtube isn’t even close to being his only source of income. Christian originally started out by selling 'Christian Guzman Fitness t-shirts’ and was very big into online coaching. He had many online clients and put together workout routines and meal plans. In 2015 Guzman started his own clothing brand known as Alphalete Athletics. It started as a clothing company and transitioned into a brand that also has a gym. 

On top of the income Guzman generates through his own brands, he’s also affiliated with a company called Ghost Lifestyle. On top of that, he’s working with a company called MVMT watches. Who knows how much these companies are paying him to promote his products, but they are and that’s certainly another source of solid income. 

Now there is one thing we need to consider. Guzman has a lot of people that he needs to pay for the services. For example: his employees for Alphalete clothing, the gym, filmers, his athletes potentially, and rent for the warehouses also.


Want to know how much the youtube who’s at the top of the top, makes? Look no further!

Pewdiepie is currently ranked with the 1st highest amount of subscribers in the world with more than double what Justin Bieber and Rihanna have.The stats from social blade tell us that Pewdiepie earns approximately $1m-16.3m per year just from youtube. 

Now on top of Pewdiepie’s crazy amount of money earned from youtube, we can’t forget about all his other revenue sources. He has an app called “Pewdiepie Official App” which allows you to get the latest gameplay videos delivered to you directly. His app has a whopping 500,000-1,000,000 downloads just on the android phone. On top of that, there is a pewdiepie store where apparel can be purchased which is another source of solid income.

Casey Neistat

Youtube of the year… You may as well refer to Casey as the king of vlogs. He has gone from 500k to 4 million subscribers in the matter of 18 months. The retention he gets on his vlogs is tremendous as he averages about 2 million views a video which is just about 50% retention. The stats from social blade tell us that Casey earns approximately $273.8-4.4m per year just from youtube. 

Aside from youtube, Casey’s main source of income is his app called Beme. He teamed up with Matt Hackett in the production of the app which had a total of 2.4 million logged reactions within 8 days of the apps release. 

Furthermore, if you look in the description of Casey’s videos you’ll find links to all of the camera gear he uses through the amazon store. When the link is clicked on and purchased by any of his viewers, he will receive a certain chunk of that. I mean, with 2 million views per video, there have got to be hundreds, if not thousands of people clicking on and using those links. On top of that, Casey does a ton of travelling, most of which is paid for of course by the companies he’ll work for such as Samsung.

Roman Atwood

The prankster and vlogger, Roman Atwood has a total of 18.2m subscribers between the both of his channels. The stats from social blade tell us that Roman earns anywhere from $799k-12.8m per year just from youtube. His highest viewed video is at a whopping 83 million views titled ‘Anniversary Prank Backfires’. Roman has always uploaded solid prank videos to his prank channel, but as of lately been uploading almost once a day on his vlog channel where he gets an average of 3 million views per video.

On top of Atwood’s amazing career on youtube, he has his on brand which certainly generates a ton of income. Smile More sells everything from clothing, to school supplies, to even balloons for birthday parties. Roman has built an amazing brand for himself over the years and has an amazingly support community. He also just featured in the prank film called Natural Born Gangsters which came out this year.

Furious Pete

Peter Czerwinski also known as Furious Pete has just over 4 million subscribers between the 4 of his up and running youtube channels. The stats from social blade tell us that Pete earns anywhere from $75.3k-1.2m per year just from youtube. He’s the owner of 2 channels(main and log)which he uploads regularly on, and also has 2 other channels (gaming and supplements), where he uploads on occasionally. 

Aside from the consistent youtube videos Pete puts out, he has a lot more going on for him on the side. Furious has his own apparel line, online coaching service, and supplement company. I think it's safe a lot of Pete’s income comes from more than just people watching him stuff his face. 

Rich Piana

Rich Piana is a 300lb+ beast that’s slowly approaching 1 million subscribers on youtube. The stats from social blade tell us that Rich earns anywhere from $49.7k-794.9k per year just from youtube. Like many of the other youtubers listed, he has tremendous retention as he has many videos well over the 1 million view mark. 

Aside from youtube, Rich Piana’s 5% nutrition website offers many different options for people to get involved in. He offers supplements, clothing, and meal plans. His clothing varies between his brands: 1dayumay, and love it kill it.

Final Thoughts

With all this being said, too many people look at these figures and start up their own channel with a main goal of becoming this famous and making just as much money. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming big, but if your only goal with youtube is to become famous you more than likely won’t succeed. On top of that, YT really doesn’t pay much unless you’re an absolute huge channel. Outside revenue sources are generally where it's at. 

Anyways, it’s always easy to point out those who actually genuinely enjoy what they do vs. those who are in it for the wrong reasons. If you're wondering if you should start your own youtube channel a question to ask yourself is: If I were to make no money from this would I continue to do it? If the answer is yes then by all means, start that channel. If the answer is no, well then it more than likely won't be a very enjoyable process for you.... More on this later. 

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