10’000 Calorie Challenge Explained + Tips For Completing The 10’000 Calorie Challenge

Here is a video overview on how to complete the 10,000 calorie challenge:



What is the 10’000 Calorie Challenge:

The 10’000 calorie challenge is when there is an attempt to eat 10’000 calorie by one individual in one single day. You can eat whatever you want, put any spin on it that you want. You therefore film and log each day in a calorie tracking app (we recommend MyFitnessPal).

Why do the 10’000 calorie challenge?

The 10’000 calorie challenge is a tough mental and physical eating challenge that youtuber’s and vloger’s attempt to execute. It is not the healthiest and best feeling challenge to attempt, however it will result in a lot of views and engagements. This videos are very SEO friendly. The reason we decided to, was to test our ability and to therefore as a result, be able to comprehend what 10’000 calories actually is. Everyone thinks it’s not a big deal and that they could finish it with – until they try it.



  • No liquid Calories (Pops and juice)

  • Must be completed in the span of one day (Cannot be past or before 12am-12am on the day you start)

  • All meals and eating must be shown



Here is an example of our recent 10’000 calorie challenge attempt to give you some ideas on how to complete your own.



Helpful Tips to Allow You to Complete the 10’000 Calorie Challenge:

1.         Do not eat foods you like

This may seem like a foreign concept to you, but if you want to finish you’re going to look for certain types of foods. Eating foods that you love, can leave an unsettling feeling for them after the challenge. Don’t ruin your favourite foods for the challenge!

2.         What foods to eat?

You’re going to want high calorie, low fibre and foods that do not consistent of a ton of food volume. High fat, carb foods are fine, do not be scared of your monstrous macros! Some of our favourites were the following.


  • Tacos

  • Pizza (Especially Little Ceasers)

  • Ice Cream

3.         Do It With Friends!

This challenge is 10x easier when you complete it with friends. Spreads the joy and you are therefore able to keep each other motivated.

4.         Make Sure You Go To The Gym

Do not be stationary, you want to burn and sweat as many calories as you can. Do not expect to burn off the excess food, take the L and the slight weight gain, it really is not the end of the world.


You’re at a massive advantage reading this article. Best of luck on your challenge!


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