3 Tips To Make More With Your Food/ Make Dieting Easy

Before getting into it lets look at this common case example:

Day 1: 3000 calories
Workout A
Result: Satisfied with food
Day 2: 3000 calories
Workout A (Same energy expenditure as before)
Result: HUNGRY

Has this ever happened to you and have you been left wondering why as a result? The answer relies in your satisfaction with your food. As obvious as this sounds it is actually a complex subject. Lets dive into it. 

Satiety: is the feeling of fullness after eating that suppresses the urge to eat for a period of time after a meal. Such feelings of fullness can play an important role in controlling how much we eat.

Food is deceiving. Too many people believe that IIFYM must mean all calories are the same. This is simply not true, some foods leave you feeling empty, where as others make you feel full and powerful. Why is this? Typically western foods contain a plethora of processed grains and tons of fats. These foods do not leave you feeling full what so ever. 

Processed grains: The issue here is that they are often deprived of their micronutrients and fiber which is the primary consideration to keeping you full. Hence why eating 1000 calories of cake or donuts is quite easy, yet attempting to eat 1000 calories of vegetables would be a serious challenge. 

Fatty Foods: They are deceiving and your bodies natural instinct is to seek out dense foods from an evolutionary standpoint. These foods high in fat are exactly what your body is looking for. Per serving size, these foods aren’t full of volume, you can generally stuff your face full, without realizing how many calories you’ve consumed. 


3 Tips:

1) Eat protein!

Tip number one is to eat a protein rich diet. We recommend 2-3 g per kilogram of bodyweight. Protein is effective through its digestion via amino acids and in term leaves you feeling more full and satisfied throughout the day. 

2) Food volume

Once again, the volume and composition of your food plays a result in how you feel. If you have a nutrient dense, natural raw diet, you’re going to feel significantly more full than joe blow who is eating burgers and sugary cereal all day. 

Foods we recommend daily:


-Whole Oats

-Nuts and legumes

-Lean meats

3) Slow it down  

You can be left full purely through route of how fast you partake in your food. If you suck all your food down in 5 minutes, you’ll be left feeling hungry and not satisfied. To avoid this here are some tips:

i) Use smaller forks and spoons:

This one sounds silly but it’s actually been a huge tool in my daily arsenal. If you’re like me and you’re the type of person to suck down your food as fast as you can, simply grabbing a smaller utensil can make you slow down and enjoy your food. Which in turn leaves you feeling more satisfied. 

ii) Slow your role:

Adding on to the last point, simply sitting and taking time to focus and enjoy your food will make a world of difference. 

DON’T: Eat in front of the T.V or munch for the sake of munching. This is a dangerous road. 

Now next time you’re deep in your diet you will have the knowledge and tools to make your cut a little easier. You are now a food satiety pro!