The Top 5 Supplements For Natural Lifters That Actually Work

Supplementation. This is most likely the most complex, simple, yet complex area to go over. Needless to say, we’ve put it off for good reason. 

Just about once a week I get questions sent or directly asked to me, here are some:

What protein should I take to get me mass and muscle? 

Is creatine a steroid? 

Which pre-workout will give me the best workout?

What supplements should I take to get muscle?

My mom said creatine will ruin my kidneys is this true?

Is the $200 supplement better than the $10 one?

If you’re experienced these questions most likely will seem ridiculous to you. Needless to say, when you’re new, and you get into physique growth/bodybuilding/powerlifting you’re immediately flaunted with lists and pictures of “Magical powders” that you NEED to be taking to look like your favourite athlete. I can’t blame you I was there too. 

In fact, I thought that taking creatine “was cheating”.. I am not proud of it but yes, I too was there. Let me begin before even diving into this by addressing just what a supplement is. 

Oxford Supplement Definition (Noun): “A thing added to something else in order to complete or enhance it”. 

Right away the key thing to pay attention to here is “Added to something”. Supplements themselves are not magic, they themselves will do nothing. They only yield results when added to a proper training regimen and diet. Too many people get stuck here, don’t even consider supplementation until you’ve got your roots down. If you’re stuck here and want to excel your results with our professional coaching service, apply here.

Saying so, supplements can help enhance your results. We recommend the following dosages depending on your history and maturity in the gym. 

Newbie to the gym/ Low supplement budget:

2, 4, 5

Intermediate with respectable budget:


Advanced/high budget:

All 5

Top 5 Supplements That Actually WORK

1) Creatine

2) Protein

3) Amino-Acids

4) Caffeine

5) Multivitamins/Fishoils and Vitamin D

1) Creatine

What is it?

Creatine has been referred to by Eric Helms as the “most ergogenic and safe supplement that is legally available”. This comes at a catch however, it is only recommended to be taken and used for maximal effect by those who are able to maintain a consistent workout and supplementation routine. This is why we listed it as our number one. 

What does it do?

Creatine assists in the muscles ability to saturate the muscle to utilize water and ATP , in turn resulting in an increase in muscle size and strength. Once again this will only occur in trained individuals. 

Side effects?

Simply said, creatine is a amino-acid (the building blocks of proteins), it can be naturally found in diet in items like steak. No current research supports the fallacy that creatine will cause damage to the liver or kidneys. This simply is not true. 

Dosage/Loading No Loading?:

We went over this exhaustively in the video, if you haven’t seen it already - check it out here.

2) Protein: 

What does it do?:

This is a simple one that people tend to make very complex. Easiest way to say this is that protein is not a magical powder. 


Nutrients are as follows: protein, carbs and fat. There is nothing special about it aside from the fact that it is readily available in a potent form (Depending on the quality) and the amount of leucine content. Therefore, you can have your protein shake, or your chicken. Whatever floats your boat! 

Side effects?

Its a nutrient. This doesn’t even have to be acknowledged. 


We recommend having a protein rich diet that contains 2-3g per kilogram of bodyweight. If you want a more specific number, email us or check out this video. 

3) Branched chain Amino Acids

What does it do?

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) also known as Amino Acids make up a small portion of skeletal muscle. Drinking amino acids either during or following exercises can result in increase protein synthesis and potentially can reduce muscle break down.  Amino acids found in these drinks are often ones not found in diet, therefore supplementing with these can provide potential specific benefits. Plus, they make them into awesome tasting powders of all your favourite flavours. Here you can buy my ALL TIME favourite BCAA:

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Side effects?

There are no side effects, you can have as much as you want. Since majority are naturally occurring substances, your body is able to effectively filter out the extras its not using.  


Experts like Layne Norton advocate BCAA use in-between meals as well as during train. Good proteins like our favourite from EHP Labs have high profiles of amino acids per serving as well. 

4) Caffeine

What does it do? Simply said it fires you up. Improving performance during endurance training, sprinting as well as endurance training. Past that theres a mental component. 

Side effects?

This would be a 10 page report to dive into. We have a video that exhaustively examines this question that you can check out here:


Studies: Several studies support that caffeine has direct aerobic and anaerobic capabilities. Saying so the evidence is more shaky in strength athletes. These studies don’t tend to show a correlation between caffeine and performance at a supplementation of 200-400mg a session.

Personal Evidence: However from a rational and individual analysis I can confirm it helps mentally and physically. 

Dosages: This one varies, if you haven’t seen our video, I highly suggest you do. We once again go over this exaughstively. Saying so as a general rule of thumb, Eric Helms recommends a high end safe caffeine consumption of 6mg/kg/day. Eventually you will adapt and get used to higher levels, to begin to feel the effects again we recommend cycling on and off caffeine. 

Top Sources Of Caffeine:

  1. Caffeine pill
  2. Pre-Workout Energy Drinks
  3. Coffee

5) Micronutrients:

Leaving this one as a video exclusive. Be sure to check out the video here, its your last chance. 

Hopefully this helped you out. You can honestly get away without any of these (with the exception of creatine) through a diversified nutrient rich diet. Good luck in your training and if you have more questions, our email is always open and we are happy to help you out. 


-Josh Wilkinson  

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