Olympians on Steroids Ft. Usain Bolt, Micheal Phelps, Andre De Grasse and MORE.

Truth is, we all wonder how Olympian and other various professionals get to the top. No question at all that work ethic, determination, supreme genetic advantage are all key reasons. But… is there more to the story? 


This is variable that everyone just wonders about. They may be banned, yet it seems like every other day we see Olympians and other athletes being banned for steroid use. It is evident that there is in fact a serious amount of athletes using; leading to the real question and skepticism towards which leading athletes are on steroids? 

We do the hard work for you, so sit back and enjoy our analysis. Here are our criteria for consideration. 

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First Unit of Measurement: FFMI (Fat-free mass index)

This is the scale of how much, well... Fat-Free Mass you have! Pretty simple right? Here are some things to consider. 

-Average FFMI for males is 19

-Unnatural range is 25-26*

-FFMI is calculated using the athlete's Height, Weight and estimated BF%. 

Secondly: History

We put this in for context. Things we questioned here were whether their training progress and history, resistance to injury and that their progress has been that of a linear natural progression.

Third: Are they maintaining a physique relevant to their lifestyle? 

This one's easy, all we ask here is whether they practise what they preach? 

Fourth and Fifth: Speculations and Verdict. 

To put our scales to the test, we used them on a popular “Natural Bodybuilder Mike O’hearn. Mike O’Hearn claims to be the biggest and baddest natural bodybuilding, but even without a meta-analysis, I can confidently tell you this is plain old bs. Heck though, for the sake of analysis lets do this!

Is Mike Titan O’hearn Natural or On Steroids?


Height: 6’2 (He’s my height - 6’3 is a boost in itself. I have physically stood beside this guy.)

Weight: 255

BF% Estimation: 6

FFM= 30.9 

(Being generous to his height) = 30.1

2) History?


Been huge since he was 14 for goodness sake, he must be natty? Grade A genetics, doesn’t mean he’s natural. Eventually you hit your genetic limit, Mike O’hearn has blown past it. Does he have amazing genetics? Absolutely. Awesome muscle bellies and natural size but his physique and FFMI is literally impossible to maintain. This man is WAY bigger than Arnold! Arnold had significantly worse stats and is proven to be on steroids.

3) He does walk the walk, Mike trains hard! Eats right! Yet, this is once again irrelevant considering the impossible FFMI, all this shows you is how amazing a physique can turn out with hard work and hey, steroids. 

NOTE: Let me say, I’m not the kind of dude who has noodle arms and says


That ain’t me. This is me

Natural coach and athlete Josh Wilkinson hitting a most muscular pose. 

Natural coach and athlete Josh Wilkinson hitting a most muscular pose. 

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5) This guy has some seriously shady morals. Looses any ability to be taken seriously considering the frog and the egg rip off he sells on his youtube. If you want to see how sad these are, check out our video! 

Next up, due to his incredible success in the Olympic games none other than Mr. Lightning himself. 

Is Usain Bolt using Steroids or performance Enhancing Drugs?

This is the real question, this dude has some serious mass and genetics to win. He doesn’t play around. 

Usain Bolt busted for steroid use 2016 following olympics in Rio
Bolt stripped of olympic medals for using steroids!

Is it only a matter of time before we see these headlines? Let's find out. 

Usain Bolt

1) FFMI 

-Height 6’4 

-Weight 207 

-EST BF% 8

FFMI = 23.3

2) History

History of Olympic sprinters is sketchy. Check out this article HERE. 

Clearly, steroids are commonly used in the Olympics. Especially with sprinters. See the above link. 

If Ben Johnson (The above busted doping sprinter) has a 9.79 on tons of steroids with perfect genetics - yet Usain runs a 9.58 is this even naturally possible? All we can do is speculate. Maybe bolt is just generally better. 

3) Are they maintaining a physique relevant to their lifestyle? 

Not really, huge and lean dude. Being lean would make sense but his intense mass is questionable. Sure they do explosive movements but they DON’T want mass to slow them down. Why does Bolt have all this mass?

4) Verdict and considerations 

Likely on steroids - looking at the facts why would he not be? Perhaps not anabolics but something indeed.

"The reality is that any athlete who doesn't maximize his testosterone and GH levels to the maximum permissible level has no chance of breaking a world record."

After all, he did beat all the other fastest dopers in history--in order, Blake, Gay, Powell, and Gatlin.

75% Sure he is on steroids.

unfortunately we can’t assume anything. Hopefully he isn’t, after all I’m a huge Bolt fan, but we can’t let our infatuations buffer our views toward reality. 

Vegan gains is a lifter considered to be an "obvious" natty, so we put him through our test. 

Vegan Gains: Is Vegan Gains on Steroids? 

1) FFMI 

-Height 6'2

-Weight 180

-EST BF% 7%


2) History

Yeah dudes an ectomorph, lifts at a gym near me, works hard but isn’t overly intense about training. Has no reason to take gear.

3) Are they maintaining a physique relevant to their lifestyle? 

Very realistic maintenance of a semi-impressive physique 

4/5) Verdict and considerations 

Yes, according to our test he is very natural - FFMI and look proves this, sure he has some half natty insertions but like most he used the same couple A1 Lighting photos in excess. 

99% Sure natty. 

Andre De Grasse, Star or Steroids? 

1) FFMI 

-Height 5'8

-Weight 155lbs

-EST BF% 9

FFMI: 21.49

Comparing FFMI and run-time he is nothing compared to Bolt, Looks natty and runs just above natty times. Saying so Bolt sees his potential, now could he enter the great vine to be groomed to run a 9.4 on gear?

Saying so though ignorance is bliss, chances are he’s already on every edge and steroid use possible - training in Arizona where Americans take it seriously he could easily have access to substances to boost his performance,

2) Running way faster effortlessly then his times at the recent Pan Am Games. Could be natural progression, started dose or upped dose. 

3) Trains hard. Not enough information otherwise. 

4) Would say he is natural but then again why would he be. likely something is going on, they take every edge and his increase increasing my speculation. Best thing to do is monitor timing and physique changes and see if there's a notable causal relationship or sudden bump 

Verdict: Too soon to know, not enough history. Leaving it at 50/50

Micheal Phelps:

Is Micheal Phelps Natural or on steroids? Will he be banned from the Olympics? Watch the video bellow to find out. 

Last thoughts, all in all you CAN’T hate them or assume anything. Sadly these athletes are incredible at altering drug tests and manipulating their testing times. The Olympics is a business, and with any business money comes first. If you want more insight or are more of a visual learner, check out our video if you haven’t already. 

Thanks for reading, 

-Josh #TeamColossus 

*This is all speculation and is not intended to slander the athletes image or perception.