10 Reasons To Want A Colossus Fitness Coach

Wooah ladies and gents, where did 2015 go? Looking to get in shape or reach a new fitness goals? New Year, New You?

2016 should be about goal setting and trying to follow through with your goals.

Although, as we all know following through can be tough. However, what if you had a knowledgeable & experienced coach to help you follow through on your new years resolutions? Doesn’t sound so bad right?


Here are 10 Reasons To Want a Colossus Fitness Coach:

1. Knowledgeable and Experienced Online Coaches

Introducing Kyle Grondin and Josh Wilkinson, the stars of Colossus Fitness.

Colossus Fitness offers elite online coaching services to help clients achieve their fitness goals efficiently and effectively in their respective time frames. They are both very knowledgeable and experienced within the fitness industry.

They aim to inspire and educate the fitness community through different platforms: Twitter, Instagram, and most importantly YouTube. 


2. They Are Also Athletes

Wait so they coach but they’re also Athletes?

Yes, both Kyle and Josh have huge versatility in their fitness background.

Josh is passionate about his fitness application and his ability to teach it as well. He has been coaching for 2 years with amazing results.

Kyle is also versatile with his coaching abilities and his own fitness regime. Kyle used to be focused on distance running but soon fell in love with the sport of bodybuilding.

With Josh & Kyle’s determination, perseverance and love for pushing others to be their personal best you can expect big things from Colossus Fitness in 2016.

3. Case Specific Guidance

Maybe you love or hate the treadmill, have a love/hate relationship with certain exercise machines.

Well guess what! They will cater to your likes and dislikes … Being active and getting fit shouldn’t be about hating the process every step of the way.. It should be about creating a habit that you enjoy doing.

4. Custom Macros & A Custom Workout Plan

Don’t be a victim of another cookie-cutter diet plan! Colossus Fitness doesn't offer cookie cutter programs so if you're looking for one.. Unfortunately you've come to the wrong place. They will take your goals into consideration and come up with appropriate daily macronutrients and a workout plan tailored to your needs. Let them know your goals for the year, put in the work and you’ll be amazed what you can achieve!

5. Eat Foods You Actually Enjoy

Not a fan of eating just chicken, rice, and broccoli? Don’t worry, you don’t have to! Here at Colossus Fitness they're firm believers of making the process as sustainable as possible. They like to follow a flexible dieting approach for their clients. Research shows that after a crazy restrictive diet a large amount of people will not only gain the weight back, but add on more weight. They like to look at the long term rather than short term quick fixes. If you have any questions regarding this feel free to shoot them a message for more details!

6. They Don’t Just Preach It, They Live It.

Love it, look it, live it. This explains itself.

7. They are super affordable?

I know it’s crazy right.  Most personal trainers cost up to $60.00 an hour. The cost of a Colossus Fitness online coach will add up to only a coffee a day.

The colossus coaches reward those who involve themselves with coaching for longer- 3 months is cheaper and a bigger discount is given. Also, it gives more of an accurate time frame for them to help clients reach their goals.

Sign up today and receive 5 % of 1 month, 10 % off two months and 20 % off three months. This will be valid up until January 8th, 2016!

8. Text Message Guidance – Daily Check-ins & Adjustments

Wooah, wait what I’m not good at lifting weights! Or maybe you are new at this. Have questions? Don’t worry, Colossus Fitness will be at your side by the click of a button. You will receive their phone number and have unlimited access to communicate with the colossus coach. Send as many messages as you’d like!

9. They Have Client Transformations To Prove It

Whether it’s gaining more muscle or getting cut for summer. Maybe you only have a few weeks? They will make a custom plan catered to your goals. Colossus Fitness has had many successes working with clients all over the world with different types of goals and needs.


10. They are Respectful and Don’t Judge

The thing with Colossus coaches is that they foster a judgment free environment where you can feel comfortable asking questions and getting feedback.

Be led to your goals in a healthy, maintainable manor that you will be able to continue past the coaching experience.


“I’m looking forward to helping you change your life no matter what the reason may be.”  – Josh

"With a strong passion for motivating and influencing others, I believe I can inspire you to be successful with your fitness intentions. – Kyle

Written by: Emily Guterres

Edited by: Kyle Grondin & Josh Wilkinson


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