Chest Training 101: How to Get a Chest Arnold Would be Jealous of

"Chest bruh?"

Would have to be the two words I hear every time I workout with a friend after I ask what they feel like working on.

Chest for some unknown reason has taken dominance in the modern gym bros life! Chest is everything. Now when most people think chest they think Bench Press. When someone is trying to measure of your strength they will begin by asking, “How much do ya bench?” Today this article is here to help you skyrocket that bench press as well as to help you learn everything you need to know about chest training.

This will be done in the following sections outlined in this video:

(1:23) Upper

(4:46) Lower

(7:30) strength

Now we structured this overview very similar to our shoulder series blogs and videos. If you haven’t had the pleasure of checking those out please do so here

Therefore we divided the chest up by its sections, which are the following upper and lower.

Now to make it easy we split it up to allow you to find our top three exercises for the above sections with a bonus section for strength.

Upper Chest:

The upper chest is the critical component to having a huge juicy looking chest. Too often I’ll see newer gym goers with a massive lower chest followed by nothing but skin and bone above. A solid chest can make or break a males physique for any look whether bodybuilder, athlete or just average everyday gym goer. You need to make it a priority to be hitting the upper chest as hard (If not harder) than the lower chest. This will cause your chest to split and remain full all the way up to your collarbone.

Three major tips and themes, which are mentioned and explained in the opening video, are as follows:

Shoulder Strength: (2:39)

Your pushing movements, which will encompass your upper chest pushing movements, are largely assisted by the Anterior Deltoid. Therefore to ensure you’re pushing adequate weight and achieving a symmetrical physique you’re going to want to make sure you have strong and stable deltoids. If you feel you’re lacking please refer to our shoulder Blog once again

Contraction: (3:27)

Hitting the upper chest largely relies on you to fulfill your job of achieving maximum contraction. As mentioned in the video, even if you’re doing “upper chest exercises” but not ensuring appropriate contraction and maximizing the blood flow to the upper chest you will not see it pop out like you would hope. You want to make sure you’re doing your best to isolate and contract the upper chest as hard and efficiently as possible to really have it grow and crease.

Angling: (1:56)

Thankfully this is pretty simple but often overlooked. To work your upper chest simply put the bench press on an incline. The higher the incline the more shoulder and upper chest engagement you will have. However be careful not to set the bench on too high of an incline or your primary mover will now become your shoulder. If the bench is on too low of an incline you will in turn hardly be impacting your upper chest at all.

Lower Chest:

ngling: (4:50)

Same as above but instead position the bench on a decline.

Push Away: (5:27)

Instead of pushing upwards like you would to work your upper chest, push away from your face not towards. The bar should explode off the range of where your nipples lie then travel just above your upper ribs.

Squeeze: (6:10)

Once again there are a lot of similarities between upper and lower chest training. Well, to be honest pretty much any muscle! To be able to really work, train and have that muscle grow you need to make sure you can engage the right muscle. A good tip I heard is if you can’t contract a muscle at rest, chances are you cannot isolate it fully. 




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