Insaiyan Full Chest Workout

I see too many people in the gym doing some weak chest workouts. They go in, do do a couple heavy singles of bench followed with a few sets of fly’s for their entire chest workout.

Oh yeah… maybe some flexing in the mirror after.

GOKU would not approve!

If you want to get a symmetrical, huge, juicy and strong chest you’re going to need a workout that challenges you and combines the right exercises, sets and volume to max your growth.

Your New Chest Workout: 


Bench 5x5

(See above if you don’t know what this is)

Incline Bench Negatives and Super Blast Set (3 sets)

1) Six second negatives for 6 reps

2) 10 second rest

3) 10-12 reps

Incline DB Superset (3 Sets)

Incline Dumbbell Eight Reps

Incline pushup max reps

Cable Incline Fly’s

5x8-12 reps

This workout is the perfect combination of powerlifting and bodybuilding. There are supersets for days as well as strength and hypertrophy training. Go get them gains!