How to Get Six Pack Abs Fast and Easy!

How to get the chiseled six pack you’ve always wanted fast and easy!

Yes, you can have abs like this too.

Yes, you can have abs like this too.

Chances are you found or came across this article for one of the following two reasons:

  1. You want the secret to six-pack abs with minimal effort fast!
  2. You came to see what garbage false promises I’m trying to tell people

Well, to address person number two; no I am not selling garbage. Its NOT possible to get six pack abs from some magic formula over a span of a couple days. Sure, I might be crushing a few peoples dreams here, but keep reading. There is indeed a way to get Six Pack Abs fast and easy. 

The way to get six pack abs fast and easy is by changing your definition of fast and easy.

Let's start with what got me to finally write this article. I was training two first timers the other day when they said “Enough already! Stop talking and show me the abdominal machines, I want to get abs!” This was the final straw after having similar encounters time and time again. It’s really sad because millions of people worldwide are lead to believe that they can have a six-pack abs if they just purchase a certain product or use a specific machine.

You can do crunches until you're black and blue, but it won't get you shredded six pack abs. There are infomercials and ads of products that promise to be the one secret to achieving a lean ripped physique fast and easy. Newsflash, its all a scam! Marketing has failed you and it shouldn’t be a surprise. You’ll never be able to meet someone who actually got crazy ripped in two weeks from using just one machines or supplement. It’s not possible. Anyone who has achieved a lean ripped physique will tell you that they accomplished it from strenuous hard work and dedication.

Now if you change your definition of fast and easy to “I can achieve the body of my dreams fast and easy by being persistent and patient”. You now will get six pack abs with your new mindset. 

Here however, are Six Tips I can give you to speed up the process.

Josh WIlkinson 6 pack abs



Abs are made 60% in the kitchen and 40% in the gym. In fact a really good saying I recently heard was “You can’t out train your diet”.  Its true, while training your abs hard and effectively is important your diet is on point. Make sure you are making an effort to eat nutrient dense foods to see maximum results. Don’t go out binging or eating and drinking anything in sight. Learn to develop control and knowledge of what you’re putting into your body.

2) Caloric Deficit

Unless you are very skinny or an ectomorph you will most likely need to enter a caloric deficit to really achieve a six-pack. Most people don’t see outlines of their abs (for guys) until they reach somewhere below 12% body fat. Slowly reduce your calories over time and you will loose weight and see abs once you have reached a low enough body fat.

3) Effective Routine

Make sure you have a good split for abs! There are many great routines out there but here’s mine to help speed up the process.

  • Colossus Abs Routine
  • Cable Crunch 4x12
  • SUPERSET abs vacuuming (30 second hold)
  • -
  • Arm and leg raises with Exercise ball 3x12
  • Seated torso medicine ball twist 3Xmax
  • -
  • Straight leg Raises 100 sets (Keep doing sets until you reach 100)
  • -
  • Plank – failure (1 set)
  • Hanging knee raises to failure (1 set)



Play around with cardio alternatives. HIIT is a favorite of mine because you burn calories fast and will continue to burn calories even after your workout! Here’s a video if you’re looking for more detail about HIIT and other cardio options.

5) Drink water

Staying hydrated keeps your body running optimally. Your body and muscle are primarily made up of water, so make sure you are consuming adequate amounts. Another wonder of water is people often tend to over eat because they mistake their thirst for hunger. Furthermore lack of water can In fact inhibit your athletic performance. So bottoms up!

6) Train Hard

Work for your results! Give it everything you got. The harder you work day in and day out the faster your results will come. Be consistent with your workouts and nutrition and you’ll see abs in no time!

Now you know the truth and have some of little tips and secrets on how to speed up the abs process you can finally start your journey for abs with the right mindset (and this time actually succeed).

7) Sign up for online coaching

If you want abs fast, this is the best piece of advice I can offer. Take advantage of our experience and let's work together to reach your goals. 


Share this article with a friend and lets fight against mainstream marketing and help everyone in the fitness world see results. 

-Josh Wilkinson