When Should You Begin Your Cutting Phase?

As the seasons change, so does the mindset of many gym go-ers. It’s fairly common for one to begin cutting down body fat during the winter season. Have you ever heard someone say, “summer bodies are made in the winter”? 

On the contrary, have you ever been told that winter season is meant to bulk up and put on some serious size? That also is something commonly heard within the fitness industry. 

I bring this question to you guys today, what season would you say it is easier to decrease your body fat in? There is no right answer in my opinion, but there are a number of different factors to take into account when making this decision.

Significantly cutting down body fat and being in a calorie deficit can be a major struggle for many. It takes a lot of will-power to take the right path to shredding off some unwanted fat. For myself, I have had much more success shredding down during the winter season. 

When it comes to winter, it may be easier to be more consistent and focused because there isn’t a whole lot happening. However, it’s ‘tv season’, and many people seem to want to snuggle up in front of the tv rather than go to the gym. People tend to find any excuse in the book not to go to the gym because of the cold, snow, etc. There are also the New Years resolution-ers who begin their journey to losing weight(most of the time) during the winter season. For those who plan on entering a competition, depending on when it will be taking place, it may be mandatory to start your cut sometime in winter. 

Ah Summer, the season of less clothes and nicer weather. This is usually great motivation for the majority of people to start watching what they eat, and attending the gym on a more consistent basis. You’ll be going to the beach more often, wearing a lot less clothes and showing off what you’ve been working so hard for. But with summer comes a whole lot of events and get togethers. Also, hearing the ice cream truck everyday non stop can be quite a hassle while trying to watch what you eat, especially for the ice cream lovers like myself.

ice cream truck.jpg

So I leave this question with you today: when should you begin your cutting phase?