Make Cardio Fun

Cardio is given a bad name in the bodybuilding and physique society. Everyone sings praises (including myself) about the minimum amounts of cardio they had to do to get ready for their prep. Why is it given such a bad rep? It's boring! Most people who work on building their muscular structure to extremes are people who like to work in shorter bursts as opposed to going for a 10k run. 

Then again, everyone has a sport or hobby they love to do. Or perhaps loved to do. For instance myself, I used to skateboard 5 hours a day 7 days a week so long as it didn't rain. I loved it! I didn't see it as cardio, it was a hobby, a game a sport and a passion. Why not go back to my childhood routes and explore these alternative options for cardio. Instead of us seeing cardio as our 20 minute incline walk or 10 minute HIIT sessions why don't we just have fun. Throw a football, box, play hockey or go mountain biking. 

There are so many new means and measures to track the calories you burn even from alternative measures. I went dirtbiking for a solid 8 hours the other day. Normally I don't think twice about it, but I had my FitBit on and noticed I burned a significant amount of calories. This way I can accomplish my cardiovascular goals while having a good time and not boring myself to death.

Im large on the argument that regardless of our position in the fitness niche, we need to remember to be healthy. Why not have a strong heart rate, low blood pressure and be a more overall person.

For that reason I challenge you to look cardio in a different perspective. Do something you love, have fun, skip the treadmill. 

-Josh Wilkinson 

"Don't Compete. Dominate."