Battle Against Broscience

Prepping for competition can result in people holding a different persona of you. No longer are you the weekend warrior from your gym that just looks kind of good – you’re an elite competitor on a schedule. This means stricter regimens and less slack on diet and training.

This has been interesting for me because of others knowing my schedule I have gotten more “bro” comments in my competition prep than ever before. These are things that people offer that they must have heard from a bro or a bros bro or a sensei for all I know. I will list some:

All you should eat is tilapia before a comp.

DON’T drink ANY water on competition day – really bro?

All you can eat is chicken and rice.

Have a cheat day every week and eat whatever you want *While this might work for some – I would end up eating anything and everything and evidently have no reason to be in a deficit

Deadlift with your back fully arched – that’s where the power comes from

These are just some of the things I have heard. Now that I have a competition date set. I must keep in mind every piece of advice I take because everything I do or don’t do will bring me closer to – or farther away from winning my competition.

This has led me to challenge people’s as well as my own pre-conceived notions by questioning EVERYONES advice. Sometimes it holds true and is based in science and fact; where as other times its just complete fantasy. Don’t waist your time, your time is precious and changes in your physique happens slow enough as it is.

Therefore, I encourage you to take the pledge against bro science and question and research everything you have been told, believed or even researched before. Find the factual backing and ensure the advice or theory holds true.

-Josh Wilkinson


What are some of the things you’ve been told? Comment bellow.