How Do You Become More Vascular?

If I had a dollar for every time I was asked how I became so vascular or what to do to become more vascular… I would be fairly wealthy. These are questions I receive quite often and unfortunately there is no quick fix that i am aware of. I am not a scientist, however I do have a fair amount of knowledge and experience with regards to vascularity on my own self. 

When it comes to vascularity, genetics play a huge role. I have always been fairly vascular, even before I began working out. I remember back in grade 8 I was embarrassed to wear a tank top because everyone would make comments about how many veins I had. Little did I know it would end up being a pretty cool thing! Someone at 15% body fat could have more veins showing than someone at 8%… genetics are huge.

Ever notice how the older people get, the more veins tend to show? Their skin naturally becomes thinner, which causes vascularity to show. If you’re someone with thin skin, your veins will show a lot more than someone with thicker skin… obvious right? 

Lowering your body fat will increase your hopes of seeing some veins. My vascularity has greatly increased from when I was about 15% body fat, to below 10%. When this happens, there tends to be a lot less fat in between your muscles and your skin, causing your veins to show a lot more. 

A tip for those sitting at a higher body fat percentage: don’t get discouraged if you don't notice any vascularity. Lower your body fat and see where that takes you. Also, if you’re of the skinnier type and worrying about vascularity, my suggestion would be to add on some muscle mass first. Vascularity won’t look good without some muscles to back it up!

I have also found that days following a higher carb/refeed day, my vascularity is much more obvious. Also, doing higher volume “pump” workouts, such as sets of 12-15 reps, will cause your vascularity to pop a lot more. 

There’s no natural quick fix or magic pill to increasing vascularity to my knowledge, but these are just a few things I have noticed. Stay lean, train hard, and drink lots of fluid!

-Kyle Grondin