Spilling Over After a Show/Diet:

Comp is done! Woohoo! Now what? Go eat whatever we want? Pig out? Stop cardio and abs?

 Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!

 If this has been you hopefully this article will help you see our perspective. Too many people work to hard for their shows just to evidently throw it away by spilling over immediately after. Here’s an analogy,


Would you save up a million dollars over a long period of time just to blow it immediately once you saved that last penny?


Hopefully not! In the same sense why throw away everything you worked for immediately after a show! Exercise your newfound discipline and come out of it properly. You’re now lean and who doesn’t like being lean? Don’t lose months and months of dieting just so you can stuff your face with all the crap foods you’ve been restricting. Instead remove the mindset that you’re done and that that one show day is the marker of your success.


Instead do what you need to do. Have a little fun; over indulge, as much as you feel you need to. Then come right back to it! Make it a lifestyle, do it all year round. Don’t go too far in one direction and just figure you’ll prep harder later. Be 10-15lbs off show weight year round. We're in this for the sake of health aren’t we? Lets remember that! Reverse diet slowly, keep doing your cardio going and look and feel great all the time. Use a show as a kick-starter to your journey instead of justifying it as the end of it.


Our plan:

We plan on slowly reverse dieting up while re introducing our carbs. With the access of carbs and calories we will be able to build our weaker muscle groups (calves, traps, shoulders and upper chest). We want to bring up symmetry and size of certain muscles. This will be our attempt at a “lean bulk”. Sure it’s a slow process, but instead of being at the end of two spectrums you’ll look great all the time! Kyle and myself are at a point of our fitness journey where we don’t have to do any ridiculous bulks to put on muscle. We just want to work, size symmetry and athleticism.


Give it a shot next time you compete or start right away. Stay updated with blogs to see what we will specifically be doing to perform this lean bulk.


-Josh Wilkinson 

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