How to Choose the Right Sponsorship

How To Choose the Right Sponsorship:

If some of you are at the points where you feel you can help a company get sales through your representation of their product through whatever means you are known for. Some examples of prominent outlets sponsors look for your presence in are Youtube, Instagram, Twitter as well as factors like your physique, personality and talents. This means by way of you can all be great marketing tools for the companies you love.

In result of this they’ll look for someone like you to represent their products. Yes it does mean they’ll hook you up with some free stuff! Who wouldn’t want that?

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What you NEED to remember is that it’s a give take relationship. You cant just go thanks, and never be seen with their product again. If you do do this, don’t expect to be sponsored very long! Make sure you tell these companies what you can do for them. Either by wearing their clothing, using their supplements or posting photos of their product on your media. Show them where you are most prevalent in your industry and what you intend to do to help them get new clients for their company.

What to Remember:

Don’t just accept any sponsorship thrown your way. Personally I like to apply and only choose to represent companies I love and would naturally encourage people to buy regardless of my sponsorship or not. You don’t want to be telling your friends and fans to buy something that’s crap! That’s called being a sellout. Don’t be a sellout!!! Choose a company you love and have been using for years. Pursue them or wait for them to recognize you.  

Good luck guys!

-Josh Wilkinson