Strategies to Dealing with Hunger

As peak week approaches, there are a few strategies that I have adapted and put to good use throughout the duration of my entire cutting phase. 

Once you have mastered your mindset aka physiological aspect of dieting, the process is obviously not complete. You will also need to master the aspect of legitimately applying it all to your everyday life, also know as the physical aspect. 

Depending on what your goal is, the severity of actually applying it all to your everyday life can vary. Those looking to simply drop a few pounds of body fat over a long period of time will more than likely have a significantly different approach than those getting contest lean for a show. 

I truly believe in keeping your diet as sustainable as possible, as mentioned in my previous blog posts. As you are burning more calories than you are consuming (in a calorie deficit), you will no doubt experience hunger throughout your cut.

I have come up with a couple simple strategies that I have found effective with dealing with hunger as my calories have been decreasing. The strategies are: 

  1. Take your time eating your food. Being in a deficit, you will often find you are hungrier than usual. When you get your hands on food, especially one you genuinely enjoy, your first instinct will to be to gobble it down as fast as possible, which could lead to leaving you even more hungry. I find when I take smaller bites and chew for longer, I start to actually enjoy the food more, and become fuller. Also, using a smaller spoon will force you to take your time rather than rushing it.
  2. Down a glass of water. When I begin to feel hungry I like to chug a glass of water. Majority of the time it fills me up and I usually use this as my determinant to whether I am actually hungry, or just bored and wanting to eat (which happens often).
  3. Make veggies your best friend. For me, my go to recently has been cucumber. I like to cut up a couple hundred grams of cucumber and munch on it throughout the day, especially when I am hungry. It is extremely low in calories, and seems to do the job in filling me up. If you are not the biggest fan of veggies, try and find a food you enjoy that you can consistently munch on that is macro friendly!

These are just a few of the strategies I have been incorporating throughout the duration of my cutting phase and first appearance on stage. I hope they help!

-Kyle Grondin

Colossus Fitness