How We Justify Overconsumption

The CUWC VLOG series has the goal of conveying our personalities inside and outside of fitness. 

This video was a lot of fun to make (all VLOG's are fun to make) but this one especially fun because we were able to just go out and eat as much as we pleased without tracking it in My Fitness Pal.


Well if its any compensation this was in fact not a flash decision. Rather was a calculated measure that in actuality wouldn't detract from our fitness but potentially add to it. We had  planned a night out like this over several weeks in advance. In order for it to be justified and appropriate we had a calculated measure on how to allow ourselves to pig out:

Heres What We Did:

-Had two workouts in one day

-Long cardio session (Hockey that night)

-Protein fasted the morning (See bellow video)

We made sure to keep fats and carbs low to compensate for our huge day of eating. This video is a deeper explanation of the actual process. 

Now after everything we were burning somewhere within 1500-3000 calories more than we normally would. Furthermore our choice of restaurant was Mongolian Grill

Cool thing about the restaurants selection is that it is literally uncooked meats, pastas, vegetables and sauces. I believe most IIFYMers would consider this to be about as "clean" as it gets. Due to the foods structure they were super high protein and high carb sources. This worked out because we ate approximately 1500-3000 calories in a surplus but also burned the same amount doing other activities. Food for thought - Pun intended :).

Heres the video:

Mongolian Grill gets a 5/5 from Colossus Fitness. 

-Josh Wilkinson

Colossus Fitness