4 Habits You Should Break Now!

1.  Having Unreasonable Expectations:


When starting out as I have previously mentioned setting goals for yourself is really helpful in setting a focus for your routine and your overall mindset. However, expecting to lose x amount of pounds or gain a certain amount of muscle in a short period of time is unrealistic. Getting that dream beach body is totally achievable as can be seen through the multiple transformations on colossus fitness, however these things take time. So, have patience, enjoy your workouts and know that soon you’ll love your transformation and in 20 years your body will be thanking you!

"Getting that dream body is totally achievable as seen through the multiple transformations on colossus fitness..." 


2.  Workout Rut

Sometimes we get into patterns of doing the same thing every time we want to sweat. We are all guilty of getting into that nice familiar routine, whether it’s at home, in a class or in the gym. It is important to keep in mind our bodies adapt! In order to get the results you want change up your workout every few months and have variation in what you do throughout your week. Rather than having easy consistent workouts that do not provide results, you’ll start to feel the burn and see the results you are trying to achieve!

"...feel the burn and see the results you are trying to achieve!"


3.  Skipping Stretches

Okay, I’ll admit I am totally guilty of this one! Sure, stretching can be super boring, but it is really important! Although, it has not been proven to reduce risk of injury, it has been proven to increase circulation, which will supply nutrients to those hard working muscles. It also can alleviate pain and stress, making your day-to-day life overall more comfortable.  Plus who doesn’t want to be more flexible?


4.  Skipping The Gym:


Any amount of exercise is great, so by saying this I am by no means suggesting that going a couple times a week is pointless. However, to see desired results in your appearance the ideal amount of visits to the gym a week should be about 5-6. Sometimes it is easy to convince ourselves we are far too busy with work and school or whatever it is occupying your time. The only thing I have to say to that is priorities! Even going for half an hour and doing a quick workout is something, it is totally an achievable amount of time to make in your day that will benefit and extend your life.

Hope this was helpful!!



Posted by Olivia Capra

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