3 Tips to a Sustainable Diet- Fat Loss

When it comes to dieting, it’s safe to say it is easier said than done. Dieting is an event that majority of us will run into one time or another in our lifetime. Rather than focusing on how to specifically diet (which I can do another time), I am going to look at dieting from a more physiological standpoint if anything. There are many factors that lead to unsuccessful dieting experiences. It is very important to ensure that your dieting approach is sustainable, to maximize and maintain the results you have worked so hard for.

While dieting, it is crucial that you don’t try and rush the process. This first tip is where many people go off track in their weight loss journey. It is very common for people to get ahead of themselves while dieting. They’re so desperate to see results immediately, that they’ll take whatever path will get them there the fastest. Unfortunately to say, in most cases, that path leads to failure. Unnecessary calories will begin to be cut, and people will do whatever it takes to see results as fast as they can. I like to think you should be eating as many calories as you can, while still making progress. Far too often, consistent progress is being made, and calories will continue to be cut because people are in a rush to become lean… Trust me, I’ve been there. For no reason other than being in a rush, people will tend to throw off their metabolism, which brings me to my next tip.

Think of the long-term results before hoping on an unsustainable diet. Your dieting habits should not be determined by your goals for a short term event. Whether it be to get fit for summer, a wedding, a show, dieting strictly for a short term purpose doesn’t often end too well in the long run. That’s obvious right? It’s funny, because to most people it isn’t. Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to dieting for a certain event, it is not uncommon for people to reach their goal. But that’s not what I’m talking about here, I’m referring more to the time period after that event has passed, or when the goal has been achieved. You succeeded to get fit for that exotic trip you were aiming to be in shape for, but what’s next? The trip is over, and you go back to your previous dieting habits. Why? Because you were dieting for your short term event, and that has been accomplished.

The last tip is to be flexible with your diet. In my opinion flexibility is the most important part that many people forget to include. To ensure that your diet is sustainable, this is very necessary. It is common for people to get so sucked into strictly ‘clean eating’ habits, that they refuse to include any kind of flexibility in their diet. From my past experiences, as well as many of my fellow gym buddies, this is not the way to go. I thoroughly enjoy the taste of chocolate, and can honestly say I include something of the chocolate nature into my macronutrient intake for the day, but I don’t go overboard due to this. I find this a much more sustainable dieting approach, rather than binging on it like many dieters do, including myself when I wouldn’t include it.

Just as important as flexibility, I find accountability another huge factor to determining whether or not your diet is sustainable. Dieting can especially become difficult when you’re doing it by yourself. I find it extremely important to have that one person holding you accountable and motivating you throughout your diet. I would certainly recommend a coach to guide you through the diet, but if money is an issue there are a few other approaches I can think of. Having a bunch of friends on the myfitnesspal app that could potentially be checking up on your diet could definitely help before you cheat on your diet (assuming you’d track it). I have found that sending my coach my macros daily has helped hold me accountable and get me show ready. If you do not have a coach, friends can work well for this aspect as well.

All in all I have found my most recent dieting experience a successful one, while incorporating these tips into my diet. I hope you all take them into consideration and implement them into having healthy and sustainable diet

- Kyle Grondin

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